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Welcome! In this section—you will find a list of commercial properties for rent, lease and sale in the Leamington and surrounding areas.  As well—we’ve provided a list of the resources you will need to open a business.

Why Leamington? It’s a great place to do business.  With a population of just over 30,000 - and over 125 million people are within a days drive!  In April 2006— MoneySense magazine listed Leamington as “the Number One Place to Live in Canada” beating out a field of 108 other communities.  Leamington was chosen based on weather, income, growth, home prices, economic diversity, unemployment and the number of people of who walk to work.

It’s a great place for the entrepenuer to start a second career on early retirement - as your dollar goes further in Leamington.  Add to that a tourist attraction that draws in excess of 250,000 visitors per year, a world-class marina that draws in boaters from all over the Great Lakes.  Summertime brings great festivals like the Tomato Fest—the third weekend in August—one of the few ‘free’ festivals around.

The Municipality of Leamington website provides all the necessary forms and by-laws pertaining to starting a business—and we’ve provided direct links to various departments.  Make Leamington your choice for business!

Q. Where can I find information on Leamington’s demographics, income, lifestyle, etc?
R. The most recent demographic profile can be found at: www.leamington.ca/municipal/edo_demographics.asp

Q. Do I require a business license or permit to operate a business in Leamington?
R. The Municipality of Leamington has established and maintains a registry of certain businesses in Leamington.  There is no cost to register your business.  More information can be found at: www.leamington.ca/municipal/corp_business.asp

Q. What do I do to register my business in Ontario?
R. You can register your business on the Service Ontario website—as well as acquire a Master Business License.  You will require a printer and a credit card.  This can also be done at the Service Ontario locations.  To start the process, click here: www.ontario.ca/en/services_for_business/STEL02_039990

Q. Do I have to collect HST? How do I remit to the Government?
R. Canada Revenue Agency requires that you register for an Business Number—and this can be done online at: www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/bsnss/tpcs/bn-ne/bro-ide/menu-eng.html

Q. What about signage?  What kinds of sign can I erect?
R. Signage is regulated by the Municipality of Leamington.  The By-Laws are available here: www.leamington.ca/municipal/ds_bylaws.asp

Q. Are their any addition restrictions for various types of businesses?
R. Yes—the Municipality requires special permits for the following types of businesses:  Transient, Peddler, Mobile, Refreshment Stands, Salvage Yards, Pawnbrokers, Fireworks and Taxi.  Licensing info can be found at www.leamington.ca

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